Make your Facebook contests stand out!

Many companies are utilising Facebook contests to get their audience engaged and excited about their brand. Rachel Sprung writes about how you can best make your Facebook Contest stand out from others. 

Simply giving away something for free is an easy way to get people to like and share a post however, users will not return to your page to see whats happening. 

One of Rachel Sprung’s tips is to use location-Based services in your contest”

This is a great idea to get people active and to actually get involved, but a question i raise is what are you going to offer to get them to be bothered to go that extra step? Possibly combining a discount offer may provide some extra incentive. 

Another tip is to include your followers when choosing a winner. This tip is great because this will get followers checking back on your page and talking to friends to get them involved. One problem is that people want to win the prize and not vote for someone else. You could offer a prize for voting as well to encourage people to get involved and vote. 



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