How to use Social media to promote and Event

When putting on an Event it can be tough choosing how to promote it. Whether your planning a small event or a large festival, social media can be used to get the word out in a powerful way. 

Michael Stelzner has 10 ways to promote using social media. And so i decided to tell you which ones I liked. 

Create video that people will share, this is fantastic idea but the video has to be quality it has to have any chance of creating hype. also if the video has great sound and visual they are more likely to share it. Also you want to upload your video to as many platforms as possible like Facebook, Youtube etc.

A great example is:

Give away free tickets to create a buzz. People love free things and some hot tickets will encourage people talk about it and hopefully get their jealous friends to buy tickets. 

Create a twitter account with a special hashtag (#event ) where people can join in and Tweet. Also create a Facebook event and interact with people with videos and posts to get them excited and inform them of the details. 

Another great way to promote is to interview your special guests to give people a little taste and get excited for the event. 



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